Questions about ordering, payment, and receiving your orders.

How do I order?

To place an order, you will need to add items to your basket. You may add items to your basket by selecting the “Add to Basket” button on the product image, or pressing the “Add to Basket” button on the product description page.

After the item is successfully added to your basket, the “Item added to basket” icon will be displayed. You may click this button to view your basket as well.

Add to Basket Icon
Item added to Basket
Basket Icons

How do I see the product description?

You can select the “View Product” button or click the name of the product to view more information about the product.

View Product
View Product Icon

How do I view my basket?

When you want to view your basket, click the My Basket link at the top of the page to view your basket. You may edit your order (increase quantity, or remove items) or check out from this page.

How do I check out?

From your basket, choose your shipping/collection method. Your total will be updated based on your selected shipping method. Click the Check Out button to continue to the next step.

On the Checkout page, please fill in the required information. You may change your shipping method again if you need to, and again the total will be updated based on your selection. Then select a payment method, and simply press the “Place Order” button to complete the process.

How do I pay?

We currently receive payments by Credit card (via Stripe), HSBC PayMe (in person and online), Bank Transfer, and Cash (in person).

Stripe / Credit CardCredit card payments will be handled through Stripe. Orders have to total over $500 in order for Stripe to be used.
Electronic Bank TransferTransfer the exact amount of your total with the account details provided in the order completion page. After transfer, please provide proof of payment via the methods provided.
HSBC PayMeUse the PayMe app and scan our payment QR code on the Order completion screen. Make the exact payment and include your order number in the message to us.
CashPlease bring exact change.

How do I get my order?

You may collect your order from our warehouse in Tung Chung, or one of our scheduled pickup locations. Please refer to our Shipping and Pickup page for the most up to date information.

I ordered but I didn’t get an email!

Please check your spam/junk mail folder, if you still have no received an acknowledgement of your order, please contact us.

Something was wrong with my order!

If something went wrong with your order, then we are happy to help. Please contact us.

I can’t find the answer to my question.

Use our contact page or reach us on Facebook or Instagram.

Thank you for choosing Olives and Oils!